Monday, October 26, 2009

School Carnival

Fun, Fun, Fun...
The kids have been crying and begging for weeks to go to the school carnival. There might be some great parents out there that positively jump up and down with eager anticipation of such an event. We aren't among you. I went a little more willingly then the Hubby, whom we practically had to drag out the door kicking and screaming. Naah, he was a great sport too. There is just something about a crowded and loud area that is not that exciting for us...oh yeah, because it is just like home! : ) Duder hung out on daddy's shoulders all night long and had a good time. We tried to volunteer the Hubby for the dunk tank, but it wasn't open when we got there. Raise your hand if you would have liked to have seen that? One, two...hold on, is there anyone out there that didn't raise their hand? Haha

Baby Doll quite enjoyed herself. The highlight of everyone's evening was the cotton candy. And I ask you, why not overload on florescent blue sugar right before bed? Looks a bit like she just ate the Blob from Monsters vs. Aliens to me.

Finally, Z-man and Little Mama got out a little aggression with each other. Here is my tip for the day. If you have two ornery siblings that won't give each other any peace, put them in a big bouncy arena with giant boxing gloves. I guarantee they will come out smiling and wondering if they can beat the crud out of each other again!

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