Wednesday, October 21, 2009

About why we are here.

Welcome to our family's blog! I appreciate you stopping by. Now, a little bit about why I have started this.

Reason #1

I am happy to share my family's updates and adventures. This is a great way to spread the word of the newest crazy fiasco the kids have gotten into.

Reason #2

There are certain causes that are near and dear to me that I would like to share information on. In other words, every once in awhile I will pull out my soapbox, hop on and start sharing what I have learned about this or that.

Reason #3

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a writer. Well, a writer and I wanted to own a horse farm with my friend, April. Of those two, writing was more my talent. I still have my very first book, written in 3rd grade and 25 chapters long. I have come to realize that reading blogs is very entertaining. Reading a new post for 5 minutes can be like watching a comedy show and very uplifting. So, I hope to help your day out with a giggle or two.

Reason #4

I want to stay positive. I am very blessed with a wonderful husband and four incredible children. That being said, I am half crazy most of the time from temper tantrums and spilled milk and all of the stress that comes with family life. I could easily dwell in how crappy my life is. But let's face it. My life is far from crappy. So you are going to help me remember that. My goal is to not be negative in this blog. I will not be complaining, just sharing and laughing about stuff that happens. The only exception to this will be my cause comments. If something is a cause, it is because something negative is happening and needs to be changed.

Reason #5

Can you believe how many very cool projects there are in this world? Crafts, gardening and lifestyles to name a few. I want to share this treasure chest of cool stuff that I have found and dream about doing.

And there you have it. Our family's blog is now out in the blogosphere. My name is Mandy. My hubby is Cory and our kids are Zackery, Ainsley, Avery and Zander. We also have a cat whom we call Missy.

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