Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone out there is having a really great weekend. We got a head start on celebrating yesterday by attending one fantastic party! Costumes, pizza, friends, a scavenger hunt and launching apples out of a three person water balloon slingshot - who could ask for a better night?!

The Jawa (aka Z-man), Princess Jasmine (aka Little Mama), Supergirl (aka Baby Doll) and Spiderman (aka Duder) finally had the moment that they have been waiting a year for. ..dressing in their costumes! And I had the moment that I have been waiting a year for...
dressing in my costume! I love dressing up for Halloween. I think I have tons more fun with it now than I ever did as a kid. What do you think? Do I make a good Pink? I learned a few important things last night. First, I love my hair spiked in a mohawk. Second, I love the very bright pink lipstick I am wearing. Third, I love the nose ring! Seriously, don't be surprised if you see me sporting one or all of these in the future. I have found myself! I might do without the pink hair dye in the mohawk and the shoes that are responsible for me not being able to walk today.
I know, I really should have warned you with some sort of intro. Are you ok? Do you need a moment to calm down? I swear, this is the Hubby's best Halloween costume since he borrowed Ciena's bra in high school and went as a hooker! The only thing that would have made it better would have been the vinyl bodysuit. We just couldn't find it on such short notice. And for anyone interested in knowing, yes the Hubby was really going to dress as the Little Mermaid. The $120 price tag that went along with it wasn't worth the laughs for us. Maybe next year. Keep your fingers crossed. : )
To recap, my kids are adorable. We all had lots of fun and are looking forward to more. My only regret from the evening was not having a video camera on me to catch Duder booking it across the field in his little Spiderman costume, trying to catch one of the launched apples. The Hubby is just about finished carving the four faced jack-o-lantern, so I had better go help him out with the last few parts so I can claim I did it. : )

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