Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spiderwebs work

I am not an organized person. I constantly make myself to do lists and put them throughout the house. You know, the usual kind of lists:

1. Clean bathroom
2. Do dishes
3. Do laundry

and so on. I don't stick with it. They are useless lists in my world. Thanks to a suggestion from Simple Mom , I started a new form of organizing my to do list. I have had a couple of people ask me about this, as it has meant great success for me. It is what I refer to as a spiderweb list. I break up my chores into different reasons for what I am doing it for. I have four main elements in my day. Business, Self, Housework and Kids. Then I add my chores to each section, keeping in mind the different aspects to my jobs. For instance, instead of writing down Laundry, I separate that into three chores; Wash laundry, fold laundry and put away laundry. This works wonders. I am famous for either leaving washed laundry in the dryer and wrinkled or folding all of the laundry only to leave it for too long and a two year old tears down my neat piles like Godzilla destroying New York. I also cross off jobs as I do them, to show myself that despite what it feels like, I am making it through my day. Lastly, if I do something throughout the day that I didn't have written down, I go to my list and write it down and cross it off. At the end of the day, when I see what I have done, it really does help.

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