Sunday, December 6, 2009

Swimming cameras and bloating.

As I heard the plunk, I stood there like a deer in headlights. No...that didn't just camera did not just leap off the counter, earning a 10 with a dive into the soapy water filled sink. I fished it out by it's strap, staring at it stupidly as the water poured out of it. The camera would be fine, right? No biggie, right? Right, right?!!! very wrong. No more fun and random pictures from me. I will be beside myself without a camera. Until the next one joins our family.

I have come to a realization. If I am bloated about 95% of the month...I don't think it's bloating. Especially when I started noticing this trend soon after all of the Halloween candy was eaten. There was that moment when I was like, "Man, I am always bloated, what's with this?" Time to play some more active Wii tennis is start working out again. I hate bloating. But it is much more tolerable when it only happens 5% of the time. :)

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