Thursday, February 18, 2010

You know I was just talking about my declutter project yesterday. I need to be accountable. And then what do I find?! This great declutter challene from the Snyder family! Not only are they on a major decluttering challenge, they weigh in. Their goal over there is 500 pounds of clutter to get rid of. Already over 300 pounds, I think they are well on their way. So here I am, joining their challenge. This is a great challenge and I encourage any of you who are reading to participate.

For my first area of challenge I am going go retroactive. Sure, some might call it cheating, but I don't see the need to throw ugly words around. :) At the end of last week I decided to switch my bookshelf and computer desk. I wanted the desk, and internet, in a more public place. And the bookshelf...oh my! The kids destroyed it on a daily basis, leaving books and papers scattered all over the floor.

Look at me! I was so proud of being all burly and moving the furniture that I had to show this off. I moved that sucker a couple of feet! The Hubby moved it across the house, but I moved it a couple of feet! I know, I'm just awesome like that. :) The books are all put nicely back on the bookshelf in my bedroom. Sorry, forgot to take a picture of that. The desk and computer is all put back together and functional. I am so glad I made this switch.

Next up...the kids' books...

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