Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today is the official launch of my part in the Snyder's declutter challenge. I have several areas prepared for this weekend, depending on how well things go. Tomorrow is Z-man's birthday party so I have to have the house looking somewhat presentable. I don't want to get too optomistic, so I will keep it real and start with one area.

The childrens' books. They have lots and lots of books. I am mostly pleased with this, but have been thinking in terms of decluttering. Do you remember my post about twaddle free literature. My kids are blessed to have a lot of cherishable stories to jump right into. I do believe, in that mess of paper and binding, that there a more than a few twaddle full books as well. I am not just going to find a neat and tidy spot for the books, I am also going to sort through them. I have never been one to part with my beloved books, but I think I need to be ruthless when it comes to this messy corner of our home.

Now I'm going to go charge up with some fresh grapefruit and toast and then get to work!

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