Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Beginnings

I didn't want to deal with the headache of figuring out how to take down the blog so I forgot about it again.  Then something changed.  I have found a new reason for the blog!  Woohoo!  I bet ALL of you readers are thrilled.  :o)  Oh yeah, right.  So anyway, this is still an open blog that I can direct people to and so now it will hold my raunchy thoughts and personal playlist.  I want to be able to share with some people long distance what my current musical library is, so here I go.

The last song posted, Best of You by Foo Fighters is on my playlist!  There are a few moments in the song that I get a little bit turned around on, but for the most part I can play this one.  What a thrill to be able to play one of my all time favorite songs!!

How many links can I put in a post?  Here are a few more songs on my playlist.  If ANY one out there actually reads this and has a request of what I should learn, give it to me.

The Strokes, Someday

Cage the Elephant, Back Against the Wall

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