Thursday, December 16, 2010

December, countdown to Christmas

It has been forever since I posted last! Well, don't worry, I have a new project going that will keep me coming back a lot for awhile. Hopefully I will provide you with something worthwhile to think over as I work on this new endeavor. I received an early Christmas present two weeks ago. The Hubby surprised me with an iPad! Woohoo! I am still trying to figure it out. This sucker works a bit differently than anything else I have worked with. Most everything that is available to me on my desktop PC is available in a condensed version on the iPad. This makes some things tricky. Things like editing my Pandora radio stations or this blog. So please bear with me as I update this blog over the next week. I didn't realize that my Glacier Niational Park background did not scroll for everyone looking. iPhones and iPads do not want to scroll. So for now I am going to drop the customized stuff and start working on making this blog nice to look at and most importantly, interesting to read!

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