Friday, May 21, 2010

People, take care of your eyes.

Do you wear contacts? Do you dispose of them within the given time frame? Am I the only one out there that doesn't? I try to make them stretch. I admit it. I also don't always wear them every day and often lose track of how old the contacts are. What do you think will happen if you keep wearing them? I had a vague idea that it was bad for me, but didn't have a clue. Guess what. Apparently you can go blind? And I'm halfway there. Because of drastically changing vision and a family history of diabetes I went to see the eye doctor. I have managed to damage my eyes so badly that I might never be able to wear contacts again. The damage is permanent and I am darn lucky that I didn't put that office visit off for another couple of months. I am so surprised and chagrined at my experience that I wanted to share with anyone who is listening. Take care of your eyes and toss the lenses after two weeks.

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  1. Yikes Mandy!! Hope everything will be ok!!


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