Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mario Paint takes on the world!

You might not know what Mario Paint is. I'm sorry. Think old Nintendo awesomeness! :o) My kids and I love trying to figure out songs on this program. Because I am obsessed with Muse this week (more to come on that later) I have found this incredible mix of two fabulous worlds. So I would like to present you all with Mario Paint and Muse's Knights of Cydonia. Every little symbol makes it's own unique sound and tone depending on where you place it. This took major skill!

A little bit about my Muse obsession. They are like...one of my favorite bands E-V-E-R! They are performing here on Friday and so every post I make this week will have a Muse song or video attached to it in honor of that. Sorry if you are not a fan. I am...and this is what I am called to do as a major dorky fan. :o)

Hoping to have a new spring background loaded by tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. Also, this will be a busy posting week because I'm chatty and have so many posts to make up for since I have been absent for awhile.

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