Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Frogs, shoes, beds and aprons.

How do you start out your day? In my quest to become a more successful homemaker I am exploring it all. Here are a few things I have come across in my search. Basically, the idea is the same behind it all.

Eat your frog! Look at that cute little guy. Can't you just imagine swallowing him whole? Yuck, no. So, you need to start out your day doing your least favorite job. Eat your frog first thing and everything after that is a bonus.

Get dressed! Whether you are going out for the day or staying in, get dressed. And that means right down to your shoes. Put them on and lace them up. You are ready to go. Personally I prefer a sensible pair of heels to sneakers, but whatever floats your boat. :)

Make your bed as soon as you get out of it. Don't put it off and don't ignore that chore as being unimportant. Along these same lines, clean your sink before bed. Wake up and made your bed and have a sparkly clean sink at the end of
the day.

I have tried it all in an effort to motivate myself to have an extremely productive day. Through trial and error I think I have found what works best for me. I put my apron on. The other day I was chatting on the phone with a friend and mentioned putting my apron on. She knows me well and started laughing, saying "watch out, Mandy's getting busy!"

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