Friday, November 6, 2009

Thinking Christmas.

SHHhhhh! I'm going to spill the beans on some Christmas presents. My kids are getting magazine subscriptions for Christmas this year. Have you ever heard of Cricket, ladybug or Ask? Check these out. They were highly recommended to me and I must say that I have been very impressed. So if you are thinking about what to get the kids, I am passing on the recommendation for these.

So speaking of anyone stressed over the holidays yet? I start my seasonal shopping and preparing in June. And so what if my kids don't want to listen to Christmas songs in the summer? Since I am a HUGE fan of Christmas, I am always ready for it. This year I have been following simple mom's 12 weeks to a peaceful Christmas to work on preparation. I will be sharing some ideas from simple mom and others on enjoying holiday cheer.

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  1. YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I LOVE CHRSTMAS!!!SO EXCITED!!! fAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! I really hope we get to see Shanna this year. I would be so dissapointed if i didn't. Thats my biggest Christmas wish this year. I havn't seen her in forever. She hasnt seen me in person since i got my hair chopped off. I can even skip the presents if it means seeing my WHOLE family together family together this year. I love you Shanna.



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